Highland Park Automotive

Providing World-Class Auto Solutions From The Start

Highland Park Automotive is a distinguished name in the automotive industry, with our roots dating back to 1982. Since opening our doors, we’ve upheld one primary philosophy: to offer friendly auto repair services that the residents of Highland Park can rely on. Over the last 37 years, we’ve never strayed from this mission. As a result, we’ve evolved into a well-oiled team of professional, diligent, and sought-after mechanics. At Highland Park Automotive, we regard your wants, needs, and safety with paramount importance. By delivering the highest level of customer service, we provide our customers with optimal peace of mind. To partner with certified mechanics who effortlessly exceed expectations, place your trust in Highland Park Automotive.

A Little About Our Owner

As a man of many talents, Duane Beers was destined to make it big as an entrepreneur. During his early adulthood, Beers worked three jobs so that he could support his racing career. While working as a mechanic, his boss gave him the opportunity of a lifetime: to start his own auto repair business. Beers had long dreamed of owning his own business, so he didn’t think twice when the possibility presented itself. In two short weeks, Highland Park Automotive was open for business. Over the years, Beers has fostered a harmonious work environment while building a strong work ethic. These qualities have armed Highland Park Automotive with the renowned reputation it holds today.

Highland Park Automotive

Duane Beers | Founder and President

Duane, founder and President of Highland Park Automotive, has always been drawn to taking things a part and fixing them. He started off by repairing lawn mowers at the age of 8. From there, his interest grew even more and developed into a more professional hobby - drag racing. In 1982, Duane was working three jobs to support his race car. In September of the same year, he was fired from one of the three, "I was fired with a twist, my boss told me my last day would be Christmas Eve. He told me that I had always talked about owning my own shop so now it was time to make that a reality." Duane went on to sell his race car and everything that went with it and on October 25, 1982 he opened Highland Park Automotive.

Racing still remained a big part of his life and it has always translated into the way he does business, "as a race car driver safety is the upmost importance and this is the same for my customers safety is always my #1 concern." Additionally, he says that when it comes to racing you always want to do things the same all the time, so you are consistent. This consistency continues to render into the business, "we believe in being consistent and fixing our customers cars right the first time."

Other than putting much of his time into his business, Duane has also had a big involvement in advancing the borough of Highland Park. He was the President of the HP Chamber of Commerce for 10 years. He was also one of the founding members of Main Street HP, serving as the Promotions Committee Chairman. In this role, he took the lead on executing all events in the borough such as the Street Fair and Arts in the Park.

Currently, Duane has two daughters and he lives in Monroe, NJ with his wife Susan. In his off time, he enjoys a round of golf and surfing in the summertime.

Meet Our Team

  • Mario Batista Technician
    Mario BatistaTechnician

    Mario started at Highland Park Automotive in June of 2019. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he currently lives in Carteret with his two older sisters and his mom. Mario has always had an interest in repairs all types of machines. He started off fixing motorcycles, "I had an old Yamaha that was really beat up, so I was really focused on fixing that when I was younger." From there, he took on cars. Even now in his free time, he still enjoys repairing cars and even takes a part computers and rebuilds them.

    Mario is currently enrolled in Universal Technical Institute Automotive Program and is graduating in ---. He is excited to be working at Highland Park Automotive as he enjoys the friendly atmosphere and the different opportunities to learn.

  • Isaias Garcia Merino
    Isaias Garcia MerinoTechnician

    Isaias comes to us with 12 years of experience fixing cars. He became interested in cars at 15 and used to hang out at a repair shop that was near his home. In his spare time, he enjoys a game of chess, jogging and is a boxing fan. Isaias lives in No. Brunswick with his wife and 2 kids. He will be attending training classes at both Technician Service Training and Automotive Training Service in order to keep with today's changing vehicle technologies.